Tempo Storm has announced that they have signed Alex “RagingCherry” Chiricosta to their organization to manage its fighting game division.

The organization stepped into the FGC scene just a little over a year ago in March of 2015 by signing Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez, an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player. By July, they had made their move into Smash with the acquisition of Weston “Westballz” Dennis and Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson, both of which are seasoned Melee competitors that have been active in the scene since 2009-2010.

“Being a part of the Smash Community since 2012 has been an unforgettable experience, which I am truly thankful to help make an impact on the community,” said Cherry in his statement, “Joining Tempo Storm will help me pursue an even greater impact on Smash.”

On the note of management, Cherry is better known more as a tournament director than a player so this is more than a fitting role for him. In terms of game’s he’s enthusiastic about he’s admitted to being more of a Call of Duty and Halo fan, and didn’t enter the Smash scene until 2012 when he decided to run his own event at his college. Since then Cherry has developed a love for both the game and the community, and has run multiple large-scale events such as Smash the Record, Paragon Los Angeles 2015 and CEO 2014. He has also acted as an adviser for Gaming Knights.


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