Following Cloud9’s and COGnitive Gaming’s examples, has announced themselves to be the next organization that is stepping away from Heroes of the Storm.

The news comes just a little over two months after the team experienced a massive shuffle, acquiring Andrey “AndyLendi” Pishikov, Alexey “Shtyr” Shtylenkov and Ilya “Unnstable” Grigoriev, while moving Vladislav “Neon” Zelinsky to a substitute position.

To state it simply, has decided that they don’t feel that the Heroes of the Storm scene is worth the effort and resources required to keep a team running. It was explained that, while Blizzard works with a number of tournament organizers to keep the scene healthy, the fanbase has little to no interest in the competitive side of the game and seemingly never will.

No internal problems were addressed in the press release, meaning that the decision was based solely on the lack of public interest in HotS. The organization said that July will be the team’s final month under their banner, which means that it is likely that DreamHack All-Stars Valencia will be their final event as a team. qualified for the tournament on Wednesday in its third and final qualifier, and will be competing against Fnatic, Team Dignitas, CrowingCocks, Team Liquid, teh89, mYinstanity and quadratisch praktisch feed.


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