Nintendo has announced more details about Pokémon Sun and Moon at the Nintendo Treehouse E3 presentation. The release date of November 18th was reconfirmed, and the featured the new starters were given a few more details throughout the presentation. Rowlet is the grass/flying type owl and was shown to have the move “Leafage” as it’s grass type move. Litten is the fire type cat with no move details displayed. Popplio is the water type seal with the three moves of pound, water gun, and growl at LVL 6.


New Pokémon

YungoosIn addition, a few new Pokémon were revealed with Ledyba and Caterpie making a return next to Pichu, all from previous games. As for the completely new Pokémon,  Yungoos was revealed and looks like a small mongoose. It’s described always hungry and thus aggressive. Pikipek was also shown for the first time, and is a woodpecker who can peck 16 times in 1 second. The headlining legendaries of Pokémon Sun and Moon had more information revealed. We now know for sure that Solgaleo was is Phychic and Steel type, while Lunala is Psychic and Ghost type. Legends say that Solgaleo and Lunala are emissaries, which prompted the creators to use this story to tie in to the world with a unique way that other legendary pairs haven’t done before. Finally, a brand new 10% forme and complete forme of Zygarde was revealed, with each new version looking vastly different from the original.

In regards to the starters,  the movement was key to the game, and are very cute so much that you almost want to reach out and touch them. Each also were animated to have their own unique movement, with further attention given to be sure that each fit with the tropical climate. A lot of attention was given to attempting to seem more realistic and increase immersion. There was mention of a new device to aid players with an “interesting bracelet” visible on some images, but GameFreak didn’t want to give any details.

Character Information

Information about the characters were also announced, including a small character picker. There are 8 total looks to choose from, including 4 distinct looks for each for each gender. As for NPCs, Lillie is a mysterious assistant, and Hau was shown as your new is your friend and rival. Each NPC as well as the character were designed to fit with the tropical climate with their design and dress. Trainers will have access to new outfits which can be customized throughout the game as well.


Sun_Moon_enemy_defeatAs for the layout of the battle screen, there are a lot of changes. Most noticeable, the trainer is standing behind the Pokémon for first first time. Also brand new is a feature where the player can tap a 2d sprite in the battle selection screen and see the parameter that is changed due to battle conditions.  In previous games moves like Sand Attack could lower accuracy by some amount, Now, these stat changes are able to be viewed on this new status screen.


As you are moving around the world, sometimes a shadow drops from the top and bottom when near an NPC. This feature is intended to indicate you’re about to go into a battle if you walk in front of the trainer. Once in battle, the new location of the trainer helps to give proportions to the large or small size of the Pokémon next to their trainers.  A tiny bit of story was displayed, as you walk into the first major town there is a festival where we meet Hau. This celebration serves as a way to kick off your’s and Hau’s adventure. The culmination of the celebration shows that Hau has a team consiting of Pichu and whoever the opposite of your starter type is. Just like other versions, if you pick a grass starter Hau will have a fire type for example.


Overall, there is a huge effort to bring in more realism with more high quality animation with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Each battle location is dynamic and reflects the area the battle is taking place in, new improvements to the battle system to make it simpler and more transparent, and creative new creatures hope to make your experience with Pokémon Sun and Moon the best in the franchise.


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