With the games upcoming release November 18 for 3DS, The Pokémon Company has given more details about the legendary Pokémon that will be featured in the new Sun and Moon additions to the Pokémon universe, as well as some new gameplay shots. Check the video below for details.

The two new legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala will play a pivotal role in the the story of the game, which takes place across four islands of the tropical Alola region. The story begins after the player moves to the region, and offers many different character customizations. The professor for the new region is just as unique.

“Professor Kukui is the Alola region’s Pokemon professor. The professor is passionate about his research into Pokemon moves and has sometimes taken direct hits from Pokemon if there was something to be learned from it. Sporting a white lab coat, Professor Kukui has his own unique style.”

Two other characters were also revealed; Lillie, the professors assistant, and Hau, a “Pokémon loving boy with a big appetite”. Pokémon Sun and Moon will be featured at Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event at E3, and will also include QR scanner functionality as well.


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