Now that the wonderful hype train that is E3 is over, it’s that time again to ask your favorite writers about what they thought were some of the best trailers or gameplay releases they saw during the couple of days of announcements. There were so many to choose from so we asked staff, “What was one trailer/gameplay you loved and one that you find no interest in at all at E3?” Not the easiest question, we found out. But here is what the GAW Staff had to say about their picks of E3.

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Beardy

One? You want me to pick one? Ugh this is nearly impossible because there was so much. Ok let’s see…

Well, as much a fan as I am of God of War, and loved that gameplay trailer, there was actually one that I’m even more excited for a title that I’ll tell you in a second. I just want to mention, obviously The Legend of Zelda and the Skyrim Remaster totally pumped me up. That and the Microsoft showing of the ID@Xbox always captures my heart. As much as I love AAA games, the indie titles sometimes hold my attention more because they harken back to the good old days of games. We Happy Few also caught my attention because of the dystopian saga stuff that I eat daily, that always gets me. Ok that being said, let me talk about WHAT I LOVED! The one Gameplay trailer/showoff that really got me this year…was GWENT! The stand-alone version, coming from CD Projekt Red, of the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt card game that I immediately fell in love with. YES! Take my money! Yes I went with Gwent, shut up.

As far as what I wasn’t impressed with. I don’t know, Crash Bandicoot Remaster…waste. Sorry I know many people have a love for the…what the hell is he anyway? I’m gonna say, Marmoset? Even though I know that isn’t right. But the only thing memorable from his series of failed games was the like tiki mask saying “Oodibaka”. Everything else is a waste. They should remaster Symphony of the Night. THAT would be awesome.


Bobby C.
Reivews and Editorials, Chief Monster Consumer

As per usual, there were a few big, exciting announcements that E3 generated, and also a few that were uninteresting to me. I was really dissapointed with the number of games that were revealed before E3. Without trying to sound old, I remember when E3 was all new games that the public had never seen before. Watch_Dogs 2 was a prime example of a game that I was really excited for, but was leaked. Ubisoft’s hand was forced and they released information early, but the novelty during the show just wasn’t there. Despite that, I am incredibly excited for the game though. Watch_Dogs was grossly underrated in my opinion. It was the first game that I completed every side quest, every collectible, the whole enchilada. It may have helped that I was at the height of my Computer Science degree which immersed me in the world of hacking and smart phone security. Now that I see a sequel revealed, the lust to get right back in the fray is immense. They showed of a ton of high quality parkor coupled with some intriguing looking characters. Fighting against ‘The Man’ and their CTOS 2.0 seems like it will be a really fun backstory. The trailers and gameplay also got me excited to see more of Wrench, one of the main support characters who has a spiked jacket and really cool LED goggles with emoji eyes.


Allen S.
Reviews and Editorials Manager, Resident D.Va Enthusiast

Ugh one?! I’m excited for like nine new games and you ass hat’s want me to choose just one?! Relax…despite my resting serial killer face I won’t harm you. I can guarantee that my social life will be harmed when Dead Rising 4 releases this fall! Despite the fact that I loathe Frank West, his trailer where he is getting Jigsaw levels of creative with his killing of zombies! Specifically with the zombie Christmas tree, which I am totally going to convince my family to do this year! Resident Evil 7 also caught my attention, but you don’t want me to talk about that because of…rules, so, yeah!

The were several games I did not care about that were talked about, Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m totally kidding that left me so giddy I kind of drooled a little at the trailer. But I am genuinely dissatisfied with a SKYRIM rerelease. Not that it didn’t look fantastic, it truly did. I just refuse to lose another hundred hours of my life to that game! I mean seriously there was so much content in the original release I’m convinced I didn’t even see it half of it!


Casper Reichenbecher
eSports Staff Writer, Team Manager | Streamer | Designated Senpai

Johnny, Crash is a bandicoot you wretched pleb. It’s in the NAME!

Alright, so the first thing that popped into my head was “Norman Reedus and the Freaky Fetus.” Not the actual title of the game, Death Stranding, but the slew of alternate titles that the internet has graced us with. I immediately started making Norman Fetus jokes, laughing to myself hard enough to cry on my keyboard a little because I think I’m funny. However, once I meme’d myself out, I realized that I actually wasn’t that hyped for what honestly looks like could be an artistic masterpiece from Kojima. No, there was one game that I was truly hyped for, and that was Persona 5.

Mind you, I don’t own a PlayStation 4. It’s a heartbreaking fact that will probably be rectified by the end of the year, because Persona 5 already clearly embodies everything I love about Atlus creations. Snazzy jazz soundtrack? Check. Phenomenal character designs that are unique without coming off as nauseatingly garish? Check. An even blend of role-playing gameplay, social simulation, and flashy combat? Double check. Yet, as it preserves loved features from past installments, Persona 5 is bringing something new to the series by changing up the story so that our protagonists are masked vigilantes being chased by “Unexpected occurrences,” whilst working to remove corruption from the hearts from adults. The slavery theme is a stark contrast to past themes, such as Persona 3’s theme revolving around death and Persona 4 being about identity and seeking truth, but still manages to tie itself in with the rest of the franchise. And they’re also releasing a sick Premium Edition, so there’s that.

As for least hyped… I honestly could not care less about God of War.


Jordan “Se7en” Chambers
SR. Staff Writer, Streamer, Youtube Wizard, Intellectual Whiner

As many of his appearances in the past, as far as the public scene of the games industry, I will basically listen to anything Kojima has to say. The man has tugged the strings of my heart while simultaneously giving me amazing cinematic adventures in gaming. So what else could make that better than by adding The Walking Dead’s Daryll Dixon into the mix? I was impressed at the Norman Reedus/ Hideo Kojima team up and seriously looking forward to what comes of Death Stranding. I couldn’t deny, a much less spoken-about title coming to the mix was the announcement of a brand new Spider-Man title. Lastly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as I live and breathe. Took you a hell of a long time to come out but I’m pleased with the ending result. Patience makes perfect.

With the good in life comes the bad, and let’s be frank here, all mentions of Call of Duty completely go in one ear and straight out of the other, as I had absolutely no interest in spending all my time shooting at people on earth, why, by the power of Gray Skull, would I care to do it in space? Also, Crash Bandicoot remastered, Skyrim remastered, and any other game that had been remade with the sole purpose of making more money off of games we’ve already PLAYED. Also, Elder Scrolls Legends, I’ve already irresponsibly spent a ton of micro-payments for cards in Hearthstone, why again would I start all over again and do it for you?


Christine Marten
Jr. Staff Writer, Resident Smoll Birb

If you have made it to my part of the article I applaud you sir/madam.

As a fan of the horror and thriller genres, I definitely have to tip my hat and give an honorable mention to We Happy Few and Death Stranding.  Though it was the trailer for Bloober’s, Observer, that really caught my attention.  It is a game that uses technology to hack the fears of those in the surrounding environment, and it uses both the buildings and the people to tell its story. Now if it were me there would definitely be a lot of spiders or cliffhangers, but the options are limitless in a game that is about your darkest fears.

I know I’m going outside my one trailer limit…BUT outside of the horror genre, I know The Last Guardian is going to make me cry through the whole game.  It reminds me of a much more beautiful How to Train Your Dragon, with art that beats to the drum of something like Journey.  In this story you befriend an injured creature and go on adventures together and work together to fight enemies and solve puzzles.  I don’t know about you, but I think Trico is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, it reminds me of pet thats having an internal battle of “Am I the good boy?”  I am going to be devastated if anything bad happens to it, it is a cinnamon roll too good, too pure for this world.

As far as disappointments go, I wasn’t all to thrilled with the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 announcement.  Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks nice, and Birth by Sleep was my favorite title in the series so I am excited we are getting another bit of that.  HOWEVER, I would much rather they concentrate on Kingdom Hearts 3 then creating all these remixes to hold us over and showing us how many heartless you can throw at us at once per level. Its like how they are making another Call of Duty game. Just stop, its really enough already.  I get it we can shoot other people with new guns, your just reinventing the wheel here and its getting VERY old VERY fast.

the last guardian

Travis McCollum
Reviews Writer, Weeb Trash

When Kojima tells you to strip naked and digitally cry, chances are you’ll do it, and pray you’re not in the back of some dude’s van ‘claiming’ to be ‘Kojima’ (happens to the best of us). Between the company circle jerks that were the press conferences and the least impressive 5-hour Let’s Play since my cousin decided recording his TV with an iPhone would make a good idea, a lot of games were announced. Granted 90% of those announcements were leaked before E3 ever started so the shock and awe was dwindled down to a man waving a sparkler in front of your face, but there was probably more good than bad here overall.

While the easy answer for the best/most impressive thing I saw at E3 would be The Last Guardian (mainly since I have very vivid and lucid dreams about actually finally getting to play that probably heartbreaking on a Neverending Story level masterpiece), I’d actually have to go with South Park: The Fractured But Whole as the most impressive thing I saw at E3. While everybody was swooning and creaming uncontrollably at God of War, Days Gone By, Mass Effect: Andromeda and most of the other big titles, I was more concerned about how the brand-new South Park game would play and whether or not we’d get a release anytime soon. Luckily, it lived up to my expectations and was everything I could have ever wanted from a new South Park game and more.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Just Dance 2017. Not only was there not a traditional demo, making it confusing for people like me writing news stories, but it was full of awful choreography, questionable outfits and proved to be the bookend to the awful Ubi@E3 pre-show that was full of so much cringe, you’d think you would have walked in on your grandparents doing the horizontal mambo. It left a bad first impression on the entirety of Ubisoft’s presentation, but luckily they bounced back and showed off a ton of great games coming out in the next twelve months.


Evan Westendorf
Senior Staff Writer, Senior Editorials Writer, Reviews Writer, Streamer, Volunteer Cat Whisperer

Being a PC gamer who is all about FPS primarily, I had a lot to be excited about at this years E3. There are just so many titles vying for my online hours that it’s impossible to play them all. Titanfall 2 looks like a step in the right direction, as EA and Respawn are eliminating DLC maps and introducing a new progression system to keep the community together (oh, and can we please talk about the grappling hook!? I absolutely love it). Then we have Battlefield 1, which showed off an impressive 45 minutes of live multiplayer gameplay, rather than a scripted run-through with fake chatter from paid actors. The rise of classic arena FPS continues with the announcement of Quake Champions and Shadow Warrior 2, and popular Half-Life 2 mod Insurgency is getting its own standalone WWII game, Day of Infamy.

Then there are some games that I want to get excited for, but simply can’t for one reason or another. We Happy Few looks interesting, but it also looks a lot like a Bioshock clone, and it’s insistence on focusing on eating and drinking puts me off.  Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks like a fun co-op romp, but the utter disaster that has been The Division instantly makes me worried about another Ubisoft online game. And I can’t really be too excited about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided considering I’ve played Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and any other stealth system just looks like amateur hour in comparison to that.

The game I’m most excited about has got to be Steep. I know, I know, its a Ubisoft online title, but hear me out.

It’s been a long time since we received a proper, AAA developed snowboarding game and I’ve been DYING for a developer to take the improved processing power of today’s consoles/PCs and deliver an open world experience where people can just fool around and race on a massive scale. If there is anything I love, it is going fast and pulling off tricks on a large map with the ever looming threat of a crash to spell instant death (which is probably why I still boot up GTAV just to roll around on my crotch-rocket). The games focus on letting players create the content by making their own racing paths makes me less worried about the need for content updates, as opposed to Ubisoft’s other online games, but I would be perfectly happy going in solo just to experience the thrill of tearing down an entire mountain range. Sure, I could never say this is the “game of the show” overall, but this is certainly the game of the show FOR ME, and I can’t wait to see if it pans out. If not, oh well, its not like there’s a shortage of games to look forward to.


Well that concludes our Gamer Assault Weekly Staff interviews of what they loved and hated about E3 2016, and even though no one followed the rules, its clear we are excited for much and more. Do you agree or disagree with anyone here? What were your favorites? What didn’t you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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John D
Chief Operating Officer

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