The finals of the European League of Legends Championship Series will be held at the Tauron Arena in Kraków, Poland, according to an announcement made by Riot Games.

Slated to take place August 27th and 28th, the EU LCS summer split finals will feature the top four teams from Europe competing in a best of five format. The team that takes first place will go on to represent their region at Worlds, with the second slot going to the EU LCS team with the most Championship Points. The current point distribution for the grand finals is as follows:

  • Second place: 90 points
  • Third place: 70 points
  • Fourth place: 50 points

G2 Esports currently has the lead in Championship Points, boasting a total of ninety. Origen is a close second, holding seventy, and Fnatic is a more distant third with fifty points.

The Tauron Arena has a similar capacity to last year’s summer finals venue, Rotterdam Ahoy, which was in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It can seat approximately 15,000 attendees for sporting events and most recently featured the European men’s Handball Championship. Tickets have yet to go on sale, but Riot promises that they will go live soon.

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