Brock Lesnar has been announced as the performer on the cover for WWE 2K17. This announcement also makes him the first performer to be featured on the cover of both a WWE game and a UFC game as well.

Lesnar’s publicist, Paul Heyman, was eager as always to talk up his client as well as reminding everyone of the games’ release date of October 11th. Heyman claims the next WWE game is: “unique, different, and extraordinary.” But much like 2K didn’t go in to detail about what exactly that entails. Furthermore Heyman called out former NFL player and WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg. As a playable character made available through pre-order, Heyman felt the need to throw it on the record that “Bill Goldberg will be conquered by Brock Lesnar.” 

Below is the cover reveal trailer, so if you wanted to see Brock Lesnar in all his sweaty glory, than happy Monday.


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