Danny “zonic” Sørensen will be acting as a substitute for Finn “karrigan” Andersen during ELEAGUE, Astralis announced Monday morning.

The news comes a day after karrigan began posting on social media that his ESTA, the system that determines eligibility of those applying to the US Visa Waiver Program, was rejected due to having traveled to Iran in the last five years. Karrigan explained later that he visited the country for PR work for Fnatic, which should be covered under the business-relations exemption. It was later announced that he was granted a visa by the embassy and will be able to pick it up on Tuesday.

As Astralis struggles to get their captain on stage with the rest of the team, they have decided that the best they could do in their current situation is to have zonic stand in for the matches that karrigan will be unable to participate in.

Zonic joined the organization as their coach when it was founded in January. He was an active player during Counter-Strike 1.6, playing on teams such as mTw and mouseesports, but eventually retired from the scene once it began to transition into Global Offensive. It wasn’t until September of 2015 that he came out of retirement with a desire to begin his career in coaching. By December zonic found himself returning to playing for mTw, but it was short-lived as just a month later he was back to coaching for questionmark, which would later become Astralis.

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