John “Y2kbug” Kelly, COO of Astral Authority, has announced that the organization has made changes to their Heroes of the Storm lineup, citing a combination of external and internal complications.

The first change comes in the form of Jon “Equinox” Peterson, who has been benched for the duration of his contract. It was a decision primarily made by the player himself, as he explained to both his coach and manager that he had become burned out after approximately two years of competitive Heroes of the Storm. After a number of steps taken by the team to accommodate his concerns they came to the conclusion that it would be in both the team’s and Equinox’s best interest to remove him from the starter roster.

He will remain as a substitute until his contract expires in September, and Astral has reduced his buyout cost by 50% in an attempt to see him back into the competitive scene should he decide that to remain a professional player.

“It is unfortunate we had to join the rostorpocaclypse, especially after top 4 at Burbank,” said team captain Damian “FrozenX” Nagel, “The departure of KilluZiion was unfortunate but gives us more opportunities to grow and create a stronger team environment moving forward.”

Second in the press release was the issue of Jerome “KilluZiion” Tanguay, who allegedly experienced problems with the team’s coach, Kristine “Vaalia” Hutter. According to Y2kbug he was a major factor in the team’s inability to work together as fluidly as they would like. This led to Astral Authority coming to the decision with KilluZiion to terminate his contract on July 1st so he can pursue other opportunities.

“Thank you to our fans who continue to support us through these changes and we look forward to our next competition, starting the 10th of July,” said Y2kbug, “In the meantime, we have begun our search for our new Melee Assassin and Tank player(s).”

This is the first roster change since Astral Authority picked up the Gust or Bust lineup in April. The team most recently placed 3rd-4th at the 2016 ESL North America Summer Regional Championship, losing to Gale Force eSports 0-2.

Astral Authority’s current Heroes of the Storm starting lineup is as follows:

  • Chris “darkchimaera” Beery
  • Damian “FrozenX” Nagel
  • Kevin “TalkingTrees” Marco


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