Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has joined TNC Pro Team’s Dota 2 lineup, the organization announced Thursday.

DeMoN, a veteran to the Dota 2 scene that made his debut in 2011 with Meet Your Makers that went on to compete in three Internationals, will be replacing John Linuel “Teehee” Abanto who is departing the roster to pursue new opportunities.

“This roster change happened due to sudden differences in our goals and objectives in the team,” TNC Pro Team’s manager, Paulo Sy, explained. He went on to say,

“As much as we want to keep Teehee in our roster, we believe that it’s not the best decision at least for this qualifier since his vision is not the same with the team’s vision anymore. He is a very talented player but we want our team to be in the same page especially for this tournament.”

While Teehee was the team’s midlaner, DeMoN is joining the lineup as their support player. Carlo “Kuku” Palad will be fulfilling the role in the mid lane, which he initially was signed to TNC as before moving to the carry position.

“The acquisition will definitely give the team more stability due to Jimmy’s experience,” TNC said in their press release, “The whole management and team hopes that his experience together with the team’s talent is enough to bring the team to the TI dream.”

The roster change comes just days before qualifiers for The International 6, which begin on June 21st. Despite finishing second at the Manila open qualifiers, the number of roster changes that TNC Pro Team has made since the roster lockin deadline means that they will have to compete their way back into TI6.

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