After a disappointing performance during their time in ELEAGUE, Team Liquid has decided to remove Eric “adreN” Hoag from their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

AdreN joined Team Liquid in January of 2015 when the organization signed the Chill Guys roster. Earlier this year he was moved to a substitute position in favor of Kenneth “koosta” Suen, who joined the team from Enemy. When Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was announced to be leaving the team to move back home with his friends and family in Ukraine, adreN once again found himself on the starting lineup in his stead.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Eric through the good and the bad, and we will always remember the great moments that we had together. We genuinely hope that he will find a new place to call home in Counter-Strike very quickly.”

Team Liquid has confirmed that they have already found a new rifler to take adreN’s place but claims that they aren’t ready to make the announcement just yet. Instead, they are bringing s1imple back for one last go at the ECS Season 1 Finals and ESL One Cologne.

“In the past ten days, we have been working at full capacity to find Eric’s replacement and we are happy to say that we have signed a new rifler to the team. However, we are not ready to announce our new recruit at this time. . . . It’s unfortunate that he won’t be on board sooner, but we know that you’ll be delighted once he makes his debut.”

The team will be flying out to the Netherlands next week for boot camping purposes. They hope to get as much intensive practice in as possible between both ECS and ESL so they can perform to the best of their abilities, something that is much-needed with s1mple being somewhat out of practice after over a month of being away from the team.

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