Modding is one of the great things about modern gaming. Players get to use their own imaginations to add to the previous created worlds to give flavor to it that they personally enjoy. There are lines that can be crossed however, as one player found out recently after creating a mod for Stellaris that made all the characters white. The mod was removed from the Steam Workshop after Paradox Interactive felt that it was distasteful, and promoted an agenda.


Paradox Community manager went on record in a Reddit post saying that the studio originally left the mod on Steam, despite not agreeing with its purpose or content. Once the creator began using the mods description to push a personal agenda, things changed.

“We saw the mod, thought it wasn’t in very good taste, but let it remain. Then the creator of the mod decided to update the description of the mod to promote an ‘agenda’ not related to computer games at all, and this was being clearly displayed on our product page. We decided it was a step too far and removed it. There are several mods that will allow you to role-play in most of the different ways I’ve seen you suggest in here. This particular mod had several disturbing elements in it’s public description which we do not want to have clearly displayed on our product page however.

“You are right of course. Our job is to make computer games, not push political agendas. This is why we removed some political proclamations being made in the description field on our workshop page.”

Another representative of Paradox said that the studio absolutely supports unique play styles, but will draw the line in the sand when it comes to discrimination. COO of Paradox Susana Meza went even further, giving us a clear definition of what the studio’s rules of conduct require from players.

“We have a few rules of conduct that have been in effect for the better part of a decade where racial slurs, among other things, are not allowed. We interpreted this particular mod as breaking those rules of conduct, however it would appear that the comments surrounding the mod, rather than the mod itself, were the biggest problem.

“We welcome everyone to create all kind of mods for us as long as they comply with our rules of conduct and we expect our modders to help us keep the comment sections free of any racial slurs or other things that do not comply with these same codes.”

To finish the statement, Graham added: “This is the last we will comment regarding this particular mod.”


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