Welcome back to the Rainbow Six Siege operator tips and tricks! It’s been a little while, huh? Well now we’re back with a quick guide to better utilize the existing US Navy Seals as well as the brand new JTC2 Canadian Operators. Since Siege 3.0 dropped for season pass holders on May 11th, there have been some pretty major changes to how Rainbow Six Siege is played. Of these are a few that effect the JTC2 and how they’re played. So lets take a look at how to best utilize both new factions!

Rainbow Six Siege – US NAVY SEALS


Quite possibly the most controversial operator to enter the fray is Blackbeard, who has with him a very powerful Rifle Shield. This shield makes Blackbeard a nearly unstoppable force if you don’t realize he’s who you’re going up against. From a window or a low ledge or even desk, he is nearly impossible to beat. However, as overpowered as some people might say he is, with just a bit of cunning you can overpower and easily kill him. Once you realize who you’re up against you’ll need to switch your strategy.

The rifle shield is removable and sits on the front of Blackbeard’s rifles. He has a very powerful SR25 marksman rifle and a SCAR assault rifle. Both of these are extremely deadly, but I prefer the marksman rifle due to the shield. Without it equipped, you are a 2 armor 2 speed operator, but with the shield speed is reduced to level 1. This will put you on par with other shield operators, this means you are not nearly as mobile. Which is just fine so long as you’re playing him correctly. Out in the open and moving from cover to cover, Blackbeard is vulnerable. He is easy to shoot in all places except his face, and with the marksman rifle equipped there is a limit to how fast he can shoot at you. However, the best way to play him is to find low cover, such as a ledge or just barely peek over stairs going up. Where he is near immortal is when peaking the tops of windows. Around the objective, rappel upwards and flip upside down so you can see the tip top corner and break it open. From here you have good visibility into the room and very little threat of being quickly shot in the head. You can peek, get shot, STILL have time to think and fire back, often resulting in a kill. If things are too hot you can back out and try a different way.

If you’re looking to counter, all I can say is try to flank and aim for the feet. Your recoil from an automatic should walk you up into the chest and get the kill solidified. If you see him across the way or in a window, do NOT engage for any reason. Again. DO NOT engage Blackbeard when he is peeking. He has far too large an advantage to attempt to out-peek, and you’ll easily get taken out.



Cameras can easily change the course of battle, giving intelligence where none is normally available. This is where Valkyrie is extremely powerful, as she brings four cameras that can be thrown literally anywhere. This means she becomes the perfect roamer since she can drop her reinforced walls and immediately start roaming. Tossing two or three cameras inside the maps in inconspicuous places are very powerful. But, the true power is when she  tosses a camera outside the Objective room, giving vision where normally there is none. The best thing to do here is to break a window or door near the objective area in a spot that may have the enemy team attempting to breach in. Even if there is an external camera there, tossing one can still help as the external cameras are almost always the first to be destroyed. Then, trying to spot spawns becomes a ton easier, and brings the potential of getting kills through windows or walls without breaking the barriers and giving away your position. Not to mention, if you have some cameras in inconspicuous places leading to the objective area it can help counter an attack. With four cameras the enemy has no clue about, the defense can become the attackers.

Valkyrie comes with both a MKX rifle and powerful SPAS shotgun. Both are viable depending on the role. If you’re going to play her as staying in the room and defending, the SPAS is recommended. However, the best use of her is the MKX that allows some longer range flanks via her cameras.

With the updates comes a perfect way to counter Valkyrie with IQ. She finally is a viable option, as countering the new cameras becomes very easy with the improved electronics detector that IQ gets. Spotting the cams and taking them out can blind a roaming Valkyrie and give your team the ability to counter her. That will quickly turn the tide of battle in the attacker’s favor with 5v4 against the defending team. Be sure to communicate where electronics are at, as it can help your team stay out of the camera’s angles and have a better entrance into the objective room.


Rainbow Six Siege – JTC2 Canadian Operators


In my opinion, Buck is the most ‘meh’ new operator. His gadget is an under-barrel shotgun that is great for breaking boarded up walls, windows, and trap doors. It can also be used as a quick way to move around a corner and take a lurker out. Despite this, these are very situational and nothing that another operator can’t do better. There is no counter to Buck, as there is no way to prevent a shotgun from going off. However, I’d recommend Sledge for a better alternative to quickly gain access a room. If you do choose Buck though, the best option is to use the shotgun to make a quick kill hole and immediately switch back to standard fire on his rifles. Then you can make a quick, unexpected sight-line and attempt to get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy. I will say that the under-barrel shotgun does make opening up trap doors very quiet. When normally you’d need an explosive or be running a primary shotgun, he adds a bit of versatility so he can move around on his own. If anyone is going to be good at being a solo flank attacker, it will be Buck. He still needs to be cautious, but the best option for him is to drone ahead and unseat potential roamers, meeting up with his team at the objective room from an alternate location, hoping to throw the defenders off.

Countering Buck isn’t really anything special, but you do need to be aware if you’re going very close to him due to his shotgun. Siege 3.0 nerfed the shotgun and more tailored it for breaching, but it does pack a punch in very close quarters. Other than that, there isn’t anything special when it comes to countering him.



Bear traps are no longer just for the woods, they actually have a viable place in the battlefield as well! Frost has found a use at least, and one that can make a big difference. While the Frost trap can be placed anywhere in the maps, there are a few places that have a higher chance of catching an unsuspecting attacker. The most obvious placements are at doors or windows, to catch quickly entering attackers. But, as these are the most obvious, care should be taken to not be too blatant. Instead, having the traps offset and out of immediate sight is better. This way the trap is not obvious from the gap under the door, and encourages the attacker to enter. As they strafe left or right trying to get an angle on you, they’ll get caught and give you an easy kill. Placing the trap next to a hostage isn’t a good idea either, because as the attacker moves to grab they’ll easily see the trap and destroy it. One final placement is somewhere on the path from a likely entry point to the objective area where there is a black or very dark floor. This again is playing on the likelihood that they won’t be staring at the floor as they run towards the objective. With the new update, a change to Frost is that she no longer has a C4 charge, but now has barbed wire. With barbed wire, it becomes possible to try to hide a trap in the wire so someone tries to melee the wire and gets caught.

Avoiding Frost is easy if you are initially taking a look at the floor as you enter in a window and shoot as you vault. It takes a bit of coordination, and is a lot easier on PC than console, but possible. Attempted to vault in and immediately look at the floor while firing your gun, and you should destroy it. In addition, pay attention to the opposite side of doors as most people don’t place their traps like you, the new expert, will. From there, with the lack of C4 and nerf to the Super 90 shotgun, she is a much more approachable operator and is pretty easy to push.


Each of these operators adds a bit to Rainbow Six Siege, with Buck being the only one I’d recommend to bypass. Frost has some great passive monitoring in her traps, no operator can beat Blackbeard in a 1v1 when played right, and the extra eyes that Valkyrie brings to the table provide uncompromising intelligence. Try each of them out, and find the right way that these operators work for you.

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