According to a recent report from Kotaku UK, the Fable franchise was being looked at and even made several offers by “several potential buyers.”

The buyers had been looking to purchase the franchise from Microsot, along with developer Lionhead Studios. However, Microsoft apparently was unwilling to let the franchise go.


I’ll never let you go.

According to reports, “some of the biggest names in video game publishing,” had come forth to try and strike up a deal with Microsoft/Lionhead. Kotaku UK said “The discussions were not just ephemeral: letters of intent were reportedly filed,

“Without ownership of the IP, any company that bought Lionhead would have to publish new Fable games (or Fable Legends, if it had been salvaged) under a licensing agreement with Microsoft–not a favorable condition for anyone looking to make money from the franchise.”

Microsoft hasn’t said anything on it’s plans for Fable, yet hopefully something good considering it has kept the franchise from the hands of other big-named companies.


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