Not even two weeks after ESL officially announced the formation of the World Esports Association, one of the founding teams has withdrawn from their position within the organization. In a statement made in a Facebook post, FaZe Clan confirmed the rumors that had been recently circulating about the CS:GO team taking their leave.

FaZe explained that, while they believe in the goal of finally bringing proper regulation to eSports that WESA is striving to achieve, being a part of the association is something that they don’t feel is the best decision they could make as things stand. It was a decision that was admitted to being made just for the sake of being included.

“We are also a new addition to CS:GO and we did not want to feel left out. So, we joined WESA and we were also fairly enthusiastic about it.

We feel that WESA still has lots of challenges to overcome and we feel that right now it’s not the best place for us to be.”

Despite not feeling ready to be a part of WESA, FaZe Clan did say that they feel that the eSports world needs some sort of governing body if it’s to take its next big step forward.

“That is what we believe is the true key to success for initiatives such as WESA and e-sports in general. A sport where multiple publishers, leagues, organizations and players from all over the world needs to collectively challenge each other, improve and work together. Whether it’s WESA or others figuring out how to execute this – we’ll be supporting ideas that bring e-sports forward.”

On the note of a particular rumor mentioned in an article written by IGN’s Kevin Knocke regarding a fee of $50,000 for leaving the organization, FaZe Clan was quick to put an end to the misinformation being spread. Not only are they not being penalized for withdrawing from WESA, but the team assured fans that Faze Clan and ESL are still on good terms with one another and that the team will still continue to be featured at their events.

Shortly after the team submitted their statement, WESA posted a press release of their own regarding the issue. The organization explained that they continue to move forward with the remaining seven teams to begin establishing legitimate structure that the league can rely on. By appointing players to the Executive Board, creating a Players Council and forming a court-like system to deal with rules infractions, WESA hopes to appeal to other teams and players.

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