Ubisoft’s The Division is receiving its latest content update today. Titled Conflict, the 1.2 update includes a new incursion, more PVE content, loot changes, and much more.

After as somewhat disastrous first update with the Falcon Lost incursion, update 1.2 seeks to improve the games lacking end-game content by providing more to do in PvE as well as better loot quantity and quality in an attempt to draw players back and combat the rampant exploiters in the game.

The new incursion is called Clear Sky and takes place in a Columbus Circle occupied by Rikers inmates. The Rikers have taken over an LMB anti-aircraft emplacement, rendering the skies above Manhattan unsafe for the JTF. Players are tasked with taking out the Rikers inmates and clearing the skies (hence the name).

Players must be level 30 to attempt the raid and it’s designed for four players. Only the Hard Mode version of Clear Sky is available at launch, with the Challenging variant to unlock sometime later.For completing this incursion, players will be rewarded with a new set of gear sets similar to those introduced in the last update.

High-level targets have also been introduced as new Search and Destroy PVE content. Players must hunt down these high-level named enemies and take them out. Players that do so will be rewarded with unique, high-level items and gear.

For those still mucking around the Dark Zone, the ability to “hijack” extraction attempts has been added. Players do this by approaching the extraction rope and cutting it, causing all of the loot within to fall and be available for enemies to pick up. This adds a new wrinkle to extraction attempts and players will have to account for this ability while extracting their gear.

The Division’s 1.2 update is now available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Paid expansions Underground, Survival, and Last Stand are to come in the following months.


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