In its State of the Game blog post and livestream yesterday, Ubisoft discussed The Division’s upcoming 1.2 update, saying it will bring with it “significant improvements” for how the loot system works. The livestream is embedded below (skip to the 7 minute mark).

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Ubisoft said it is working to tweak the “Quantity and quality of items received for all types of end-game activities,” and that the update is “coming along nicely.” The update is currently in the Q&A phase and more details should be coming soon.

Division server maintenance was pushed ahead one day this week to account for a banking holiday in Sweden where Ubisoft Massive is based. Things will return to normal next week.

The devs are also cracking down on cheater as well as deciding on how to “go after” chat spammers. “This as well has affected the player experience, and we’re keen on fixing it,” the developer said. Daily missions have also been restored after a recent bug made them inactive.

For those affected by the backpack bug of the missing character issue, Ubisoft is finally rolling out compensation in the form of 500 Phoenix credits and 10 of each high-end materials. These can be claimed in the Base of Operations.


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