Rainbow Six Siege has dropped a very short trailer in preparation for the May 7th full reveal of “Operation Dust Line”, the new DLC for the game. The trailer showcases a new map set in the Middle East, a dusty room with several computers, and very briefly shows clips of the new gadgets used by Valkyrie and Blackbeard.

BlackBeard Shield

The map looks to be an already war-torn building, with lots of debris and chunks out of walls before any clear interaction by Rainbow operators. Valkyrie is shown with the SPAS-12 shotgun, and Blackbeard with what looks to be a SCAR Auto Rifle. Blackbeard is shown in his SEAL Fatigues climbing a wall and breaching in via the “swing out” maneuver, and no other operators nearby. This gives indication that part of his loadout options will be a breaching charge. We also get a much more clear depiction of the shield used by Blackbeard, it is a clear see-through shield that sits atop the gun roughly in the middle and provides cover both the left, right, and top of the gun for easy viewing and increased coverage when peeking corners. It also looks to be separate from the standard gun, as he is shown placing it on his rifle as he enters the building.

Stay tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly on Saturday, May 7th for more information about the full reveal of the “Dust Line” DLC.

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