As the seasons begin to change and it gets unbearably hot for summer time, Twitch’s busy season begins to kick in to high gear. With college and high school kids out for break view counts, tips, donations, and subscribers all sky rocket. Any one new to Twitch may be asking themselves “who is actually worth watching though?” that’s where this article comes in! The quick answer is: there are a lot of streamers worth watching, many of them have the privilege of being streamers as a full time job. So saying any one is better than the other just corrupts the amazing communities all the streamers below have spent so much time building. Speaking of what is below, a list has been compiled by yours truly of some of the people many would deem to be the top tier of Twitch streamers.

Listed In No Particular Order


Games Recently Played: Fallout 4, Rainbow Six Siege, Move or Die

Renee is a very entertaining and opinionated streamer. Whether that pertains to her disdain for certain games other streamers enjoy or much more predominant issues, such as women’s rights, she is not afraid to stand up and tell you how she feels. Aside from all of that she is a very gifted streamer who clearly cares about her craft. Renee constantly engages with her audience making sure her audio levels are adequate and answering as many comments as she can. She, along with the rest of this list, is legitimately grateful when she receives tips/donations, and resubs as well as new subscribers. Renee along with cohorts GassyMexican and EatMyDiction1 also run a weekly show where they get together and play games while drinking hefty amounts of alcohol! Dubbed F’d Up Fridays (Fucked Up Fridays) the show starts around 7:30 PM PST and runs until the wee hours of the night. They play a wide variety of games such as Move or Die, Rainbow Six Siege, Cards Against Humanity, Grand Theft Auto V and usually have a few guest streamers joining in on the fun.


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Games Recently Played: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Rainbow Six Siege, Saturday Morning Comics (weekly talk show)

BlueJay is a very sweet woman whom received partnership with Twitch not too long ago. She goes above and beyond in the creativity and interactivity with her audience that she puts in to her channel. She likes to mix things up from time to time and throw in cooking streams among her frequent gaming streams. Sometimes she streams what she is making for dinner that night, or if it’s near a convention she is attending she throws in a baking stream where she makes a variety of cookies to hand out. BlueJay also likes to do giveaways, she gives out at least one headset a month, and sometimes sends out some of the goodies she bakes to her United States viewers. No matter what she is doing though she makes it a point to try to respond to everyone in the chat with her bubbly demeanor.


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Games Recently Played: Deadly Premonition, Subnautica, Uncharted 4

EatMyDiction1 much like his Fucked Up Fridays partner LolRenaynay is a hugely opinionated individual. He constantly spews out his thoughts on movies, triviality of hating on people who vape, how much of an jerk his cat can be, but just like everyone on this compilation he goes above and beyond with the effort he puts in to his streams. His openings alone put him miles above a lot of the content creators on Twitch, they have a certain simple panache to them. In terms of actual stream content he does manage to break up the typical monogamy that can trouble streamers with some unique ideas. For instance, one of his stretch goals for his St. Jude stream was for him to set time aside and do a whole stream where all he did was play Just Dance. Which as a fellow bigger guy I applaud him for going as long as he did with that game, nearly three hours. Check out his channel any other time though and you will find a foul mouthed, slightly obnoxious yet entertaining streamer. Although he can be a bit of an acquired taste he is genuine in his work.


Channel Link:


Games Recently Played: Dark Souls 3, Battleborn, Doom

If you are looking for a smart mouthed broadcaster who frequently goes above and beyond with the lengths of his broadcasts then look no further. A recent example of this is when he joined several other streamers for their weekly broadcast where they drink and play games together after having just streamed for over twelve hours on his own. He also gets a little creative, for instance he recently completed a whole play through of the newest Doom game on the hardest difficulty (nightmare mode) with just a pistol. Not only that, upon hearing that his grandparents were in a car accident he held a fund raising campaign to help with all the damage and raised over three thousand dollars for his grandparents car repairs.

maxresdefault (4)

Channel Link:


Games Recently Played: Overwatch, JumpJet Rex, Amazing Spider-Man 2

After departing from Achievement Hunter not too long ago Ray Narvaez Jr. has made quite the name for himself on Twitch. He still does what he is arguably known best for (besides all his references to shows and music) grinding through asinine games in his attempt to reach a million gamer score. This guy will play nearly anything if he knows he can get all the achievements listed for that game. Whether it’s a newer release like Overwatch or an obscure game like Barbie Puppy, Ray will suffer through it for the achievements and the entertainment of his viewers.


Channel Link:


Games Recently Played: H1Z1: King of the Kill, Overwatch, Mass Effect

Despite his typically hectic scheduled, Max and his faithful dog Malcolm frequently bring the laughter and a quality nearly unmatched on Twitch. Using a mixture of genuinely astonishing impersonations of celebrities like Morgan Freeman, and characters like the Joker coupled with a few technology tricks Max manages to make even the dullest evenings enjoyable. He currently is working back from a broken collar bone and a small puncture to the lung, but that hasn’t slowed down Max at all. Currently he is doing a few small streams and a few videos a week while he heals back up to maximum power.


Channel Link:

There are many of more Twitch broadcasters out there who deserve your views and subscriptions that I could not fit in this article. If you have a chance after you check out those listed above please feel free to check out General_Mittenz, SuushiSam, Taydertot, Curvyllama and countless others. Of course simple descriptions can never measure up to actually seeing the broadcasters on their channels, so go check out a few of them. Let us know down below what you think of any of the channels on this list and please drop any suggestions down there as well.

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