Nintendo revealed that the end of the Wii U is imminent.

During the Nintendo earnings meeting the company’s CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said that the Wii U might be ceasing production by March of 2018. While this was not officially part of the earnings statement, it was addressed during a question and answer segment.


While there has been reports in the past stating that the Wii U will soon reach it’s end of life, Nintendo was quick to silence those rumors. However, the console has been under-performing and with the new Nintendo NX on the horizon it makes sense for the company to transition it’s focus. The Wii U hit the marketing in 2012 and had a good start, however, as time went on sales for the system began to fall short. In the previous financial report the Wii U had global sales of 12 million units.

We will see the ultimate fate for the Wii U in the coming years.

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