Mexico based studio,We the Force, demo’d their two neat little games today, Randal and Kim the Avenger Cow. Both games are coming out for PS4 and Steam, with Kim the Avenger Cow entering Greenlight on Friday, April 22. Both games have a nice, calm visual style with nothing too muted or overdone, and were very fun to play.


I initially tried Kim The Avenger Cow and was presented with an odd scenario. In the game you play as a cow and use acid milk from her udder to shoot with. The game is about seeking retribution for the evil farmers that genetically modified you. In the game you face off with other farm animals like chickens dropping eggs on you, goats throwing grenades, and various other barnyard animals that are seeking to take you out. Not all animals are looking to harm you though, one goal is to seek out and save other animals. This can be done using laser weapons, bouncing machine guns, or a flame shot. Each have their positive and negatives. While the story for the game is rather simple, the cartoon art style and gameplay make it kid friendly.

The game was extremely easy to pick up and relax with. I really enjoyed jumping around and the old school platformer style of the game mixed with some shooter aspects. The story is definitely something I’ve never seen before, and in the end it just brings a smile to your face. With lighthearted combat and comical action, it’s a game targeted at a young audience. No big violence, no blood and gore, just a silly cow shooting acid milk.

Kim the Avenger Cow

Randal is a bit different. It too is a platformer, but is a bit darker in it’s theme. In this game, you play as a telepathic and slightly schizophrenic character fighting “the Man”. Surveillance and control is being utilized in the worst way, but Randal, who’s namesake is the game’s name, breaks through it. His schizophrenia isn’t a bad thing though, as it allows the player to control the enemies and make them do your bidding. In fact, I’m told there are some portions that require you to take control of the enemies and use their abilities to break through terrain or other things to progress in the game. This platformer is much more skill based in terms of jumping, as it isn’t punishing as in killing you for failing, but is punishing as in making you get timing down just right.

Randal vs Enemy

Similarly to Kim the Avenger Cow, the graphics on Randal are very smooth. While darker, they look very nice and work to convey the evil overtones of the setting of the story. You’re fighting against the government who is brainwashing the world and attempting to control their every move. As you go about, some decisions will be needed which will contribute to multiple possible endings. If you don’t like your ending, the developers said you would be able to start a new game without a problem.

Eager to purchase Randal? The launch date is to be announced in June, but is going to be released in 2016 by end of year.

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