Last month Microsoft announced a new Halo Championship Series: Pro League. Today details surrounding the new series was released.

The Pro League consistes of bi-weekly Halo 5: Guardian tournaments. Currently Counter-Logic Gaming is advancing to the Pro League leaving seven team spots open for North American teams.

Currently, Qualifiers are taking place and will continue through the remainder of April and through May with the official Pro League season kicking off in June. The teams who land in the top four will advance to the Summer 2016 Finals. While only the top four will advance to the finals the fifth and sixth place teams will be guaranteed spots in the Fall season.


Below is the full details around the Pro League. More details will become available as the season progresses.

  • PAX East LAN Qualifier – April 24 – Four invited teams, with the top team advancing into Pro League
  • Invite Online Qualifier – April 30 – 16 teams will be invited based on Halo World Championship placings as well as historical HCS performance. The top 8 teams from this qualifier will advance to the May 8 LAN tournament.
  • Qualification LAN Tournament – May 8 – The top eight teams from the online qualifier will battle it out for the next four spots in the HCS Pro League. The top four teams from this LAN secure their HCS Pro League spots.
  • Open Qualifiers – May 14 and 15 – These tournaments will be open to all competitors and will identify the top teams who will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Last Chance Qualifier – May 21 and 22 – This multi-stage online tournament will be the last chance for teams to qualify for HCS Pro League, and winners from the Open Qualifiers One & Two will duke it out against the bottom 12 teams from the Invitational Qualifier. The LCQ will award the last two spots in the HCS Pro League.


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