With end of season three of the ESL Pro League rapidly approaching, the Electronic Sports League has revealed future plans for season four, including changes to its relegation system and number of available slots.

First off, ESL will be increasing the number of slots available for the NA and EU divisions from twelve to fourteen. This is to keep up with the rapidly growing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, which continues to expand as interest in competitive gaming grows.

This means that they also needed to make changes to the relegation system, so teams ranked one through eleven will maintain their Pro League slots for the next upcoming season. The team in twelfth place will play in a relegation match against the team ranked second in the Premier Division, with the team placing first in the Premier Division being automatically bumped into the Pro League. The final slot for each division will be presented to a wildcard team in their respective region.

ESL will also be expanding their season finals to include more competitors, but hasn’t yet provided specifics. The organization promises to reveal more information before the beginning of season four of the ESL Pro League.

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