If you woke up this morning and thought “Man, I want to see a monster get stabbed in the face”, then today’s your lucky day champ (or champette). Gears of War 4‘s knife execution has been posted to the official Gears of War YouTube channel.

In the 11 second video titled Goodbye Face, Oscar grabs a Swarm Sniper and pulls it out of its cover. Just as the sniper stands up and brushes itself off, our hero stabs it in the face. It may seem rude, but let’s assume he deserved it.

Gears of War has also shown off another execution with a video entitled, Lock, Load and Launch.Watch it below.

Our new hero Kait of Gears of War 4 grabs the enemy with weapon called the Dropshot and flings him across the stage as he explodes. According to Game Informer,

“The Dropshot fires an aerial mine that floats over the battlefield in a straight line as long as you hold the trigger. The moment you let go, the mine spins downward violently. If it hits the ground, it drills for a second before exploding, blowing anything nearby into chunks. If you manage to nail a direct hit on the enemy, it drills directly into their head, decapitating them while their body convulses until the mine explodes.”

Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for more executions of Gears of War 4 as they are released and for all your gaming needs.



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