Ubisoft has announced a new game mode for their stone age game Far Cry Primal.

In a blog announcement Far Cry Primal director Thomas Simon announced Survivor Mode. The new mode will give the game a more realistic feel and setting difficulty higher. Survivor Mode is also adding a new feature called permadeath that can be used on any difficulty level. Permadeath can be turned on and off depending on player wants.

With Survivor Mode players are more susceptible to weather and must craft “cold-weather gear.” Crafting, however, will no longer be instant. It is a give and take situation though. While you must take time crafting and having the proper clothing your Hunter Vision will increase and make it easier to spot potential threats. This will be necessary as there will no longer be a minimap.

Survivor Mode will introduce the use of a stamina gauge as well. As your stamina drains over time your character becomes fatigued and moves more slowly. Sleeping will allow you to recover your stamina levels. You can see full details in the announcement video below.

Survivor Mode will be available for free for Far Cry Primal on Tuesday, April 12. Far Cry Primal is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



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