Microsoft has announced a new Halo Championship Series.

While the Halo World Championship just concluded, Microsoft has gone on to reveal a new Pro League. In partnership with 343 Industries and professional gaming organization ESL Microsoft plans to “grow, nurture, and evolve Halo eSports at every level of competition.”

The new Pro League will consist of bi-weekly Halo 5: Guardian tournaments which will focus on professional teams. Additionally there will be a Challenger League that will be open to non-professional players. Currently the Pro League is only available in North America and Europe, however Microsoft does have plans to have it available in other regions in the future.

Details surrounding the tournament timing and qualifications have yet to be revealed. In a statement from Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor he said,

“For centuries, new sports have defied categorization but revolved around a single immutable principle: competition to see who is the best of the best. The ancient Greeks had Olympics, the world tunes in every four years to watch soccer in the most viewed contest on Earth, and at a more granular level, schools, communities, and individuals compete for bragging rights in everything from baseball to darts.

“No surprise then, that video games followed suit. And no surprise that we want Halo to be at the heart of that movement. The HCS Pro League is a big step for us, and we hope you’ll join us in the coming months for some of the most intense, exciting, and skilled video gameplay you’ve ever seen. We just can’t wait.”

The recent Halo World Championship event aired on Sunday with CLG defeating Allegiance by a 4-0 margin winning $1 million.