Blizzard has revealed four new cards for their upcoming Hearthstone expansion Whispers of the Old Gods. Although it’s a slow reveal, fans will be getting nearly all the Whispers of the Old Gods cards. Today the four come with some interesting class-specific cards and a unique Legendary.

First on the list is a new Druid card, Klaxxi Amber-Weaver. It’s a four-mana 4/5 that buffs to a 4/10 if the player’s C’Thun has reached 10 attack by the time it lands. While those buffed stats are could be very impressive, the conditions to get C’Thun to a 10 attack are tricky, its baseline stats are 6/6.The next card that has been revealed is the common card Infested Tauren. This is a four-mana 2/3 that produces a 2/2 Slime when killed. Both monsters will have taunt. With Sludge Belcher moving out of Standard, this could be considered a replacement.

The next is a seven-mana 6/6 Warrior card, called Ancient Shieldbearer, which has fairly weak baseline stats but gives Warrior a sizeable ten armour if C’Thun has 10 attack. The conditions of doing so, by turn seven, seem achievable.

Finally, the last card revealed could be the star of the show (but could also just be a wet sponge). It’s called Herald Volazj, a six-mana 5/5 who also summons 1/1 copies of other friendly minions on the board. Just note, the maximum number of friendly characters that can be duplicated before the board crams is three. However, if those cards have additional powers such as Deathrattle, Divine Shield or End of Turns, all of that is taken into consideration making this card pretty strong.

Stay Tuned here are Gamer Assault Weekly for more updates on Whispers of the Old Gods and for all your other gaming needs. If you missed past updates, check them out in the list below.


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