Finally, Bloodborne fans will have a brand new way to play soon. There is a card game in development based on the bloody and extremely difficult action-RPG.

Board and card game designer, Eric Lang, revealed the Bloodborne card game on Twitter with the image above. He says in another tweet that it’s “simple but highly deep and interactive.” It’s officially licensed and will be published by CoolMiniOrNot Games; Lang noted there won’t be any miniature figures, but there will be “sweet components.”

“Bloodborne is a card game based on the Chalice Dungeon runs, where players compete to kill monsters and take their blood,” Lang explained. “But don’t die!”

The designer described the gameplay as “risk management with a bit of group think, inventory management/upgrades, and tactical play in an intense 30 minute card game.” He also talked about playing Bloodborne on PlayStation 4, saying he “sucked horribly at it” (like many people).

“My goal with Bloodborne was to channel the intensity and frustration of the video game into a contest between players,” Lang said. “Lots of death.”

Lang has worked on several projects including Star Wars: The Card Game and XCOM: The Board Game. There’s currently no set release date for the card game, but Gamer Assault Weekly will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Stay Tuned here for all your gaming needs.


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