John Farjay, the creator and developer behind the Kickstarter project Bear Simulator, will soon walk away from his game.

The kickstarter began back in 2014 where it received nearly 4,000 backers and over $100,000 for the project. The game was finally released in full on Steam in February of this year.

Bear Simulator

Now that Bear Simulator has released, and to a lukewarm reception, Farjay is going to hang it up after one last update.

Farjay stated on his Kickstarter page,

“Well, the game didn’t have a great reception, has a stigma against its name, and there’s plenty of other problems so making any updates or going further is basically a lost cause now. Plus not skilled enough to make the game better than it currently is or write better updates than previously.”

“Also don’t want to deal with the drama anymore. Can’t ignore it because that causes more drama and can’t do anything about it because that causes more drama.”

“It was really fun making the game, trailers, updates, websites, tutorials, blog posts and stuff, hopefully you all liked those things. Am glad most of you guys are happy with the game though, unless you were just being nice. Really must thank you for the in-depth emails and comments, learned lots. Hopefully the game lived up to your expectations and had enough content to explore.”

“Must be doing this PC game dev thing wrong because it is way too hard to stay happy and productive.”

Despite the turn of events, Farjay does have one last update planned for the game, which will be “Kickstarter Island” as well as some bug fixes.

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