Nintendo has released a new financial report showing that from April to December 2015, the company saw a decrease in sales in comparison to the same period in 2014, but also saw an increase in operating profit.

Over that period Nintendo reports sales of 425 billion yen ($3.5 billion), a 3.9 percent decrease compared to 2014. This marks five years in a row where Nintendo has posted a decline in sales.

Conversely, Nintendo reported a 42.4 billion yen ($352 million) operating profit, an increase of 34 percent over 2014. This increase in profit is due to cost-cutting measures on Nintendo’s part, which have nearly halved over the past five years. Nintendo has also chosen to put a greater focus on more profitable sources of income, such as classic Nintendo titles sold digitally.

Wii U

Due to Nintendo doing nearly three quarters of its sales overseas, in combination with the strong Yen hurting exchange rates, net profits for the nine-month period were down.

During this period, the Wii U sold 3.6 million units, which brings overall global sales for the system to 12 million units. Games sold for the Wii U have increased to 79 million units, but still pale in comparison to the lifetime software sales of the original Wii, which are nearly ten times that of the Wii U.

The Nintendo 3DS’s lifetime global sales have reached 57 million, while game sales for the handheld have reached 264 million.

The strongest performers for the period have been Splatoon (4 million units) and Super Mario Maker (3.3 million units). According to Nintendo, both titles are considered “blockbusters that vitalised the Wii U platform.”

Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Yoshi’s Woolly World continue to have “steady sales,” and Amiibo figures have also sold 20 million units.

Though the Wii U has been a disappointment, there is still a lot of excitement and mystery surrounding the company’s next console, the NX, which is rumored to have begun manufacturing in October of last year. Keep locked in to Gamer Assault Weekly for more news.


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