Today on the Playstation Blog, there was an announcement for details concerning the newest Hitman’s beta and story detail. They released an new trailer called, The World of Assassination, check it out below.

In the Blog, Io-Interactive states,

“The World of Assassination is an expression of the ongoing game world we have built over the last 15 years at Io-Interactive since the release of the very first Hitman game. It is the setting for past, present, and future Hitman games.”

Hitman will launch as an episodic game. The episodic nature of Hitman will allow the crafting of both stories centred on Agent 47’s targets as well as longer season stories involving 47, Diana Burnwood, the ICA, and an entirely new main cast (than what fans are used to). The structure will feel as if fans are playing contemporary TV series. The action and adventure will unfold over multiple seasons.

The Hitman Beta will be available first on PlayStation4 starting February 12th. You can guarantee your access now by pre-ordering either the Full Experience or Intro Pack from the PlayStation Store. The Hitman Collector’s Edition will also include access to the beta. Whichever version you choose to pre-order, you’ll also get the Blood Money Requiem Pack.

As well as being the first to play the Beta, PlayStation 4 players will also get exclusive access to The Sarejevo Six. These are six bonus contracts that tell a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. Agent 47 will travel the world in pursuit of his targets, with one contract available in each location from the game.

The first PS4 exclusive contract, The Director, will be available when the game launches on March 11th. Your target is Scott Sarno, Director of European Operations for the CICADA private military corporation.  Fans will have to use all there knowledge and skills throughout the game to take on this target. His story is “He is a thirty-year veteran of clandestine operations and has been linked to a number of questionable operations in Europe and the Middle East as far back as the mid-nineties”.

Hitman is due out on March 11th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t forget to get your access to the Beta which is releasing February 12th. Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for more information as it is released and for all your gaming needs.


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