For anybody that has played the original Homefront, you will most likely never forget the intro. The game took you on a whole new emotional path as you took back the Western United States. With Korean superpowers growing stronger by the day, it was your job as an icon within the resistance to take back what was ours. Unfortunately after the game’s end, THQ had announced their sell out towards the end of 2013. Online servers had gone off line early in January of 2015 and thus ended the multiplayer for Homefront fans.

City Overlook

Today will be an awesome day for all Homefront fans as the Closed Beta begins testing for Homefront The Revolution. The beta is available for early download if you have your key already. For those of you who don’t, there is a link at the bottom for where you can get yours. The beta opens today at 7 PM GMT, 8 PM CET, 2 PM EST, or 11 AM PST. Via Twitter, @HomefrontGame announced that both Twitch and Youtube will be allowed for the beta.


With multiplayer being taken to a whole new level, we have been shown multiple customization options for both weapons and your online characters. Resistance Mode is the featured brand new four-player co-operative mode for Homefront: The Revolution. This mode will be available for you in the Closed Beta.

Multiplayer Customize

Weapon Customize


Make sure to grab a group of your friends and help fight back!

-Cory S. | @xboxcory