Volition’s Saints Row: Undercover, a PlayStation Portable game that got cancelled, is now playable.

Volition recently unearthed a Saints Row game that got cancelled in 2009. The game was to be a sequel to Saints Row 2.

To the amazement of most, Volition received the okay to actually show off this game to the public. On Thursday, they streamed the last build of the game before it officially got axed.

However, the Saints Row: Undercover news didn’t stop there. It has now been revealed that Volition has released a playable ISO to Unseen 64. What does that mean? Gamers can now play the game on PC if they have a PSP emulator.

What do you guys think? Is it silly for a studio to showcase a buggy and unfinished game or is it PR genius to show fans a game that almost never saw the light of day? Let us know in the comments section below or on social media.


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