Two and a half years after its foundation, multi-game eSports organization Titan has announced that it is officially dissolving.

According to the press release the decision stems from the banning of Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian, who was permanently banned by Valve for cheating in November of 2014. Due to the severity of the ban, sponsors and partners began to back out as to not be associated with an eSports brand with a tarnished reputation.

“From then on it was a real uphill battle and I forced myself to reinvest into Titan in order to keep the company afloat for at least one more year, believing that we could make it after all. We fought the entire year, trying to secure sponsorships that would enable us to keep a struggling, but great CS:GO team as well as our SMITE team.”
– Damien Grust, Founder and CEO of Titan

Despite the hard work and effort that the organization put into securing backers, they were unable to obtain the necessary sponsors. As a result, they simply ran out of funds and are no longer capable of paying employee salaries or even sending their teams to events.

Titan officially disbanded their SMITE team on Tuesday and confirmed that they will not be staying together as a squad, but will continue down their own separate paths.

We’ve had a really great year with Titan, and while it’s with a heavy heart that we part ways, not only with the organisation but with each other as well, it has been a fantastic year with no regrets. I wish all the best to the wonderful people at Titan, as well as my teammates who I had the pleasure to share such an amazing year with; I know they’ll all go on to great things.”
– Nate “Ataraxia” Mark, SMITE Team Captain

As of Wednesday, Titan is also releasing their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster into, “This beautiful esports wilderness.” Titan is still accepting emails regarding business deals and individual team players continue to refer to themselves as a collective, though it is still unclear as to whether or not the team will remain together.

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