A revolution is coming. More specifically, Homefront: The Revolution will be coming on May 17th, as confirmed by a Target pre-order card posted to XboxAchievements. The title was previously slated for a “Spring 2016” release date.

Target Pre order

Homefront: The Revolution has had a bumpy road in development, hopping from developer to developer in hopes of reaching a final release. The original Homefront was an FPS developed by Kaos Studios for THQ that released in 2011. The game focused on a small American resistance group fighting in an occupied United States against a unified Korean army. The game garnered modest critical reviews and commercial sales, enough that THQ greenlit a sequel.

Unfortunately publisher THQ had to shut its doors and file for bankruptcy shortly after release, and Kaos studios was forced to close. THQ’s properties were sold off and developer Crytek scooped up the IP. Crytek itself ran into financial troubles and the IP was sold once again to Deep Silver, developer of the Saints Row and Metro series of shooters. Deep Silver announced in 2014 they would be opening a new studio, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, and that they would pass the IP along to Dambuster to finish development.

Homefront: The Revolution is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, and Mac, with Xbox One owners receiving exclusive access to the beta, though whether it is truly exclusive or just a timed exclusive is still unknown.


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