After four and a half years of working together, Team Acer has announced that Artur “Nerchio” Block will no longer be competing under their banner.

The news comes to what Team Acer says boils down to, “Different objectives in terms of goals and approach.” As a result of not being able to overcome the hurdle in the forseeable future, they had simply decided that it would be best to part ways.

“I want to thank Team Acer for the past years we’ve been together and for giving me a chance to become a professional player in StarCraft. We decided to part ways on good terms as our expectations of StarCraft 2 are different for 2016. Joining Acer was probably the biggest breakthrough in my career. As I continue to play StarCraft 2 I hope the future brings as much success as I had before. I wish all the best to my old teammates and I hope they can keep up the good shape they are in right now!”

As a true veteran of the StarCraft scene Nerchio’s passion for the game started with Brood War, which he played for ten years before the release of StarCraft II. However he didn’t get into competitive gaming until he first joined Against All Authority back in 2010. He left shortly after to become a part of Team Empire’s roster, only to leave for Team Acer in July of 2011.

Despite the unfortunate falling out, both Nerchio and Team Acer had nothing but praise and thanks for one another in their statements. Managing Director Uwe Semtner had the following to say:

“In Team Acer we have always been honest and direct to our players and staff. Being open with our decisions and what we plan is what we value highly. In this case it came up cleary that Artur and we do not think alike. This happens and does not mean anything bad. We have been on a mutual level and agreement for over 4 and a half years now. There are not many player-team-relationships that persisted for such a long time. That is why everyone in Team Acer will still cheer for Artur and wish him all the best for his future. He showed a good start in LotV and we all hope he will be successful.”

With Nerchio’s departure, and the retirement of Mun “MMA” Seong-won, this now leaves Team Acer with a very small active StarCraft II roster. Zerg players Sasha “Scarlette” Hostyn and Aleksandr “Bly” Svisiuk are their only two remaining team members.

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