Due to community feedback, as well as changes mandated by Valve, ESL has revealed the changes they have made to the rule sets regarding their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events for the 2016 season.

The two biggest changes are most definitely the altered round and bomb timers, and Jumpthrow scripts now being prohibited. Jumpthrow scripting is, to summarize, when you change a part of the game’s configuration script so that you can throw grenades over long distances when you jump. Whether or not it should be allowed in professional play has been a hotly debated topic, with most of the community agreeing that it should be considered a form of cheating.

As for the bomb and round timers, they have been changed to 0:40 and 1:55 respectively. The decision stems from Valve’s announcement that they would be changing them for Valve-supported events, such as majors and minors. ESL said that they want to keep things consistent throughout the CS:GO pro scene so, they too, have changed their timers to coincide with Valve’s change. In addition, the end-of-round delay has been shortened to three seconds though ESL gave no explanation as to what prompted the change.

The fourth and final change to the CS:GO rules regards the deathcam. ESL decided to shorten the deathcam down to two seconds after internal and community discussions.

The changes will be put in place starting January 18th 11:00 CET for future ESL tournaments. ESEA has also already updated with the adjustments for the IEM World Championship Katowice qualifiers this weekend.

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