For the second time in just as many days, a League of Legends team is announcing that they’re experiencing visa issues with one of their players. Team ROCCAT informed fans this morning that support player Edward “Edward” Abgaryan will be unable to compete in the EU LCS due to being unable to secure himself a visa.

“We’ve been in close contact with Riot as well as the German authorities over the last couple of weeks,” says Team ROCCAT, “But the status right now is that we can’t satisfy work eligibility requirements for EU LCS.”

Like many other countries, Germany does not recognize professional gamers as athletes. This means that they are unable to register for a visa as an athlete, so the embassy and team must struggle to find some sort of middle ground.

With Edward unable to compete with his teammates, Vytautas “Extinkt” Melinauskas will be substituting. “Extinkt is already with the team in Berlin and will train for as many sessions as possible,” they explained, “For the time being we will play with Extinkt and we trust in him as a substitute for the support role.”

While it is unclear as to whether or not Edward will be able to obtain a visa, Team ROCCAT says that they are trying their hardest to bring him back. The team promises to share any updates they can as they come up.

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