GSG9 – German Operators

In the final installment of Rainbow Six: Siege Tips and Tricks, we are focusing on the German GSG9 team. These German operators have some very good assets, but can be very situational. Let’s take a look deeper into some clever ways to utilize them to the best of their ability.

Blitz – Flash Shield
As an attacker who has great defense, formidable abilities, and is downright deadly in close range, Blitz is one unique character. He sports a huge amount of armor, and his riot shield comes with a built-in flash that blinds the enemy. Even if you’re up against the best, if they’re flashed, they’re just about useless. One of the major benefits to Blitz is that he is an asset to any attacking team he is on. In no situation is the shield a hindrance, as it provides a bit of mobile cover, easy access to flashing the enemy, and still allows an offensive pistol that is a pretty good gun. As with all shield users, he is most useful leading teammates in the charge, but should you decide to ‘lone wolf’ it, you still actually stand a chance. Just be on the lookout for roamers such as Jager or Pulse.

Alone or with a team, Blitz really shines bright as a light bulb when getting to the final operation room. Assaulting a heavily fortified position is no easy task against any team that has even a bit of coordination. However, if you really want to distort them, toss in a smoke, then more smoke, and toss another right to really obscure the sights. Hop in, flash the entire room, and finally kill the enemy. This is even more beneficial, however, if the game mode is ‘Extract the Hostage’, you can really get tricky. Do the same as before, tossing in the smoke grenades, but this time just run in and flash twice. While their eyes are destroyed, grab the hostage and run. A few times you can get in and out with not a single person dying from either team.

This smoke trick works for any room though, and doesn’t have to be the main objective. Using a smoke grenade and flashing the defenders can disorient them enough to get in close and ruin their day.


IQ – Electronics Detector

IQ has an Electronics Detector, that can see through walls and floors to spot anything that runs on electricity. When playing against humans in Causal or Ranked, IQ is the most useless operator you can choose. While she does have some really good guns, her ability is so beyond a rare opportunity to use and it is far surpassed by any other. When playing Terrorist Hunt, she has a bit of merit as there are several rooms that are loaded with C4 charges. Even then, however, she still leaves a lot to be desired. The C4 is quite loud and is very easy to shoot and get rid of. If you’re just wanting to have a bit of fun, she’s a blast to play, as her heavy machine gun packs a real punch. If you’re playing to win some matches, she really isn’t your best bet.


Jager – Active Defense
Carbine on the defender side? Everyone else has SMG’s, but Jager has a very nice Carbine that can really pack a wallop and is very versatile. He’s a prime candidate to roam, and if you decide to do so you need include the suppressor attachment. This will make it a bit more difficult to determine where you’re coming from, and the damage reduction really isn’t too much. Jager is also pretty quick, which means relocation after a kill, or if an enemy spots you isn’t difficult at all. A prime example is in the screenshot below. I was able to take out three enemies while roaming, and they had no idea where I was at. Move quick, get to a non-obvious location, and pick ’em off before they even get in the building.

While Jager has a good gun and also is a good roamer, the best part of his setup is the Active Defense systems. When there’s a huge threat, such as Fuze, on the other team, keeping your team safe is crucial. With all the possible explosion types, such as flash grenades, flak grenades, and smoke grenades, a lot of things are a danger to your team! But have no fear, because Jager and his defense system will keep you all safe. Each AD unit can destroy up to two projectiles before being expended. These can be placed on walls, on the floor, and also on top of some surfaces (you can jump up if you intend to place one in a particular position, but there isn’t a flat surface). Also remember, that if you have to too close to a window or door that is breached, it could be destroyed by the blast, and be rendered useless.


Bandit – Shock Wire
This guy isn’t for everyone. Definitely not a good choice for a roamer. Although he does have the most versatility, as well as providing some major defenses. Anything metal that the defending Operators deploy can be electrified and made to cause damage to the enemy team. Not a ton, but if you do it right you can really put them off kilter. Bandit is a lot like Smoke, who uses his toxic gas for more of an entry prevention for a bit. You can put down the reinforced barrier up and then place a battery behind it, which completely prevents them from entering without taking about 50 HP damage. It proves to be a very good wall that prevents them from entering, as the only ones who can take out the shield are Ash and those utilizing grenades.

His MP7 can put a metric ton of damage down range, but as it can expend it’s magazine quickly into an enemy, you have to reload often. If you miss, or don’t get a kill, this could spell trouble for you. Always be aware, and if you only burst one gun in the game, be sure to burst this gun when appropriate. Controlled bursts will be a lot better than all out automatic fire.


I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Tips and Tricks for the different operators of Rainbow Six: Siege. There are a lot of little things to be aware of while playing, but you’ll mostly pick them up within a couple levels. By 20, the basics should be down and you’ll just have to pay attention to how you died, and then learn and expand from that. Good luck! Tune in again on Friday for a recap of Tier 1 Operators!

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