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Hello again! We’re back with another installment of Rainbow Six Siege tips and tricks for operators! This installment, we’re focusing on the French GIGN. The Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmere Nationale is a special unit the French have trained for specialized conter-terrorism duties, which is prefect for Rainbow. Check out some tips on how to play each member of the team below.

Twitch – Shock Drone
Twitch is a relatively situational attacker. Depending on who plays her, and their style, she can be very useful or downright dreadful. So, to be the very useful person, play her right! To start off, her shock drone can be played one of two ways. The most fun way is to be the troll. If you get good with it, you can really troll one person and ruin their day by shocking them repeatedly. While incredibly fun to see them spin in circles and go crazy attempting to find and shoot the drone, its not the most useful technique.

Better, is to use her drone to take out enemy item placements. Kapkan traps, Blitz batteries, and even C4 charges can be destroyed with her shock drone. This can easily clear the way for teammates, as well as still having ability to spot and identify enemies. With her semi-auto rifle, Twitch can also be well utilized to provide some overwatch, similarly to Glaz, before tossing her drone out to scope. Be aware, and be careful to conserve ammo as she only has 15 charges in the shock drone. That means if you’re trying to take out devices within the primary zone the enemies are defending, you have to be pretty accurate. Even if you only get one or two devices, you’ve served your purpose.

As for weapons, Twitch’s best weapon is not her semi-auto 417 rifle, but the F2 automatic bullpup. I’m not sure why, but even though the 62 damage 417 seems to be better, it takes four or more shots to kill someone. Other than that, it is a great single shot headshot weapon. Very nice ranged weapon, but as good as it is, it is far outclassed by any other gun that has a ACOG and Variable fire to set to single shot.


Montagne – Extendable Shield

Montagne, the walking wall. For pure defense, absolutely no one in the game is better. His extendable shield allows him to have full control over any hallway he decides. Don’t get too cocky, as he still is very vulnerable to anywhere except the front, and when the shield is fully extended, he has no offense. Therefor, just as will all shields, Montagne needs a bit of backup. However, with such great defensive capabilities, who wouldn’t want to travel along for the ride? With a P9 handgun with laser, however, he is a deadly foe not to be taken lightly. His biggest counter is a C4 charge, which only a few operators have. Not much more to this guy, just be sure you’re slow and methodical. No running as a shield operative!


Rook – Armor Plating

By and far the tip top Tier 1 Siege operative in the entire game (at time of writing) is Rook. He is able to deploy Armor Plating which adds bullet resistance to your operative. There are five plates, one for each team member, and absolutely zero reason to not pick up the armor. It can mean the difference between living and dying, as it greatly increases the chances of going “Down but Not Out”, which is where you are able to crawl away incapacitated and be revived. This means Rook is paired very well with Doc, who can revive from a distance. More below. In addition, Rook makes a great defender, as he has the strongest armor available, plus with the depolyable armor, nothing will have more defense than he. Staying in the objective area will be the best idea with this operator, as they have long range as well as short in a P90 and MP5, as well as a short range hard hitting shotgun. Keep inconspicuous, and unless you get killed in the head, you’ll be able to take a lot of damage


Doc – Hypodermic Revive Shot

Doc is the go to for anyone who is a strong, independent operator who don’t need noone to revive them! He can shoot himself in the leg with a hypodermic revive needle, and instantly get up and right back in the game once he goes into “Down but Not Out”.

The other powerful thing he can do is shoot the revive dart like a gun, and revive teammates that are not in his immediate vicinity. This can throw off the enemy team, as they think that member of your team is down, but yet you’re able to revive them. Since going DBNO isn’t incredibly common with the enemy team needing only one shot to kill a downed operator, but it can be useful in a pinch. In fact, unless you know you will great need for another defending operator, he is a very good operator who has very good defending guns. A solid choice for a tier two operator.


Hopefully these few tips will give you a leg up when playing Rainbow Six Siege. In short, the GIGN are excellent operators for defense, but care and smart thinking needs to be applied when attacking with them. Good luck, and let us know if these help you to Siege the Day!

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