StoriesFinalLogo-2MB-1It’s not often that I find myself completely enthralled with a game before its release. However, when I first laid hands on Stories: The Path of Destinies I was instantly hooked. Stories: The Path of Destinies is an indie title with a beautiful art style, challenging gameplay, and intriguing story line has all the makings of a great game.

Developed by Spearhead Games, Stories: The Path of Destinies takes you on an epic adventure as Reynardo, a dashing fox, as he uses his swords to fight through different stories leading to a final battle between the Emperor’s army and the Rebellion. The game gives you new experiences with each story as they are all different. However, every story you play is true and it’s up to you to gather the important details and information and make the right decisions to progress. This in-depth story telling mixed with high action combat is a beautiful balance.

The basis and story line of the game are interesting, however, it’s the gameplay that takes the cake. While you are immersed in the narrative you are also faced with fierce enemies that make full use of the quick, fast-paced combat in the game. The game is far from a basic hack and slash. Each hit requires accurate timing, precision, and the ability to think one step ahead as the movements tend to be tied together through quick dashes from one enemy to another.


In the game, you are armed with magical swords. With these different swords you are granted access to new locations in the world. Swords give the player new abilities when they are leveled up. For instance, the Hero Sword allows Reynardo to heal himself at Level 2. New swords can also be crafted at the workbenches around the map. As you make your way through the game you are also able to collect hidden treasures that will give you items, health, and most importantly, gems. The gems offer a boost to specific abilities and players can only use three gems at a time. Each gem offers something different and a mix of gems can be worn to suit the players style and preference.


While you are able to craft new weapons, and upgrade your abilities, you can also visit one of the many Altars on the map. The Altars let a player upgrade different skills. For example, being able to slow down time to better plan your moves in battle, or improved skill with the hook shot. These abilities can be upgraded through skill points which are earned through XP.

Overall the game offers upwards of 20 hours of gameplay, with stunning graphics, fun combat, and stories for you to get lost in. Stories: The Path of Destinies is slated to release in Q1 of 2016. We are definitely looking forward to it! Take a look into the game in the images below and check out our gameplay from the PlayStation Experience 2015.

Developer: Spearhead Games
Genre: Action-RPG
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4
Website: Stories: The Path of Destinies




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