Assault Android Cactus is a hectic twin stick shooter that fills your screens with enemies, lasers, rockets, and flamethrowers. It comes with many unique characters that the player can unlock along the diverse levels. Each character has a different skill set that requires a different play style giving the player a new game each time they play. Combining electronic music and fast paced action gives Assault Android Cactus a visually and graphically intense feel. It’s a game anyone can pick up and play for a few hours without needing a ton of instruction.

Some of the playable characters.

Some of the playable characters.

The player starts as the lead character named Cactus. A police android who is responding to a call of a stranded space freighter. She lands to find it has been taken over by malfunctioning worker bots. She and members of the crew on board must fight their way through the ship to deactivate the bots. This leads the player down the massive 3km long ship fighting wave after wave of worker bots. Of course there are boss bots in charge that Cactus and crew must defeat in order to get to the brain of the ship. Each one provides a different challenge to overcome, and a different style of play in order to beat them.


One of the starring points of the game is what the Devs like to call, “Dynamic stage changes”. These are parts of the stage that either remove them selves, shift, and add depending on how far the player has made it through that stage. It keeps each level fresh and in a constant state of flux keeping the player from getting comfortable. It also includes a four player local co-op to get the old LAN party feel of your childhood. Just imagine more lasers, rockets, and flamethrowers as you and your friends take on the the horde of robots trying to stop you.

The fast pace of the game keeps the player on their toes where they are required to make quick decisions less they be taken over by the maniacal robots. If there was ever a time to find a comfy seat, turn up the volume, and blast away some robot scum then this is it. Assault Android Cactus combines the level system of Mario with the intensity of the classic Raiden arcade games. Dive into a colorful adventure with your gal Cactus.

Developer: Witch Beam
Genre: Arena Shooter
Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / PS Vita / WiiU

Check out the Assault Android Cactus Trailer Below!

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