Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has recently received a series of updates and changes in its latest patch and, as seen with Hearthstone, when game creators release a major update during a high profile event, it isn’t typically received well by those playing in the tournament.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of season 2 of the ESL ESEA Pro League, which will be kicked off by the match between Team Liquid and Team EnVyUs in Burbank, California. Up until now it was unclear as to whether or not the finals will feature the updates that came with the patch, which could very easily throw players through a series of hoops as they try to scramble to adjust in time.

Thankfully, ESL has announced that they will be playing with the previous version of the game for the finals to make it easier on the players, if nothing else, and released the following statement:

“After consulting with players, we’ve decided to play the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals on the patch before With the number of gameplay and weapon changes, we all felt that this is really important to maintain the competitive spirit of the event given the amount of money and prestige on the line.” – James Lampkin, Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL

Future events will feature the changes implemented by the patch but, for now, the players competing in the Pro League finals can breathe a sigh of relief.


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