After a seven year career in professional StarCraft 2, the legendary Mun “MMA” Seong-won is announcing his retirement. Like fellow SC2 player Park “ForGG” Ji-soo, his retirement is due to the two-year military service all South Korean men are required to take part in before their 35th birthday.

“MMA has become a good friend to many of us, and we’ll miss him terribly.
We wish MMA the best of luck as he begins his army career. His competitive drive and cheerful demeanor will serve him well as they always have, and we hope that MMA will return to the eSports community after his service is complete.”
– Team Acer press release

A true veteran of the scene, MMA joined SK Telecom T1 as a Terran player back in 2008 when he was known as “Dream.t)1988.” He later joined SlayerS, quickly becoming their best competitor under the tutelage of Lim “BoxeR” Yo Hwan, which was when he gained the nickname Son of Boxer. It wouldn’t be until late 2012 that MMA would join Team Acer.

He’s known for being the first of seven people to ever achieve the unofficial title of Triple Crown in 2012, and for single-handedly winning almost $400,000 in prize money over his career. On a much less glorious note, MMA is also known for being the player that accidentally destroyed his own Command Center in 2011 during MLG Columbus, and still managed to win the game.

His final game will be played tomorrow during HomeStory Cup XII.

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