Visa issues, as many eSports fans know, are probably the biggest problems that affect professional gamers that wish to attend an out-of-country event, or join a team based in a country other than their own. Millenium’s StarCraft II player Park “ForGG” Ji-soo has proven to be no exception to the ever-present problem, as he has been forced to leave the organization and move back to South Korea.

South Korean men are required to join the military for a minimum of 21 to 24 months, depending on the branch, before their thirty-fifth birthday, though conscription notices typically come at random. There are exemptions made to some, and ForGG had been able to avoid military service by having a work visa in France up until now.

“It is with sadness that today I am announcing our separation, but France has unfortunately not yet been able to evolve sufficiently to a player can be released as ForGG administrative constraints such as visas. I hope the Esport will succeed. Meanwhile, the pioneer ForGG we saw evolve from year to year, is overtaken by time.

In South Korea, there will remain only a few months in it as a player before having to perform military service and that is why his contract ending November 30, I decided not to renew it.

While no one can replace ForGG, I’m already looking for a new player to allow Millennium to continue to evolve in the European top. You will soon have news, but for now, I want to once again thank Ji Su everything he brought to Millenium and wish him good luck!”
-Team Manager Rémy “Llewellys” Chanson

ForGG joined Millenium back in 2012 as a Terran player after leaving Old Generations. He’s best known for his extremely aggressive play style, and popularizing the Hellion/Banshee style in Europe. He also managed to beat Ku “HiyA” Sung-hoon so easily in a practice session that HiyA admitted that it was the deciding factor to never get into the StarCraft II pro scene, and to just stick to StarCraft. It is unknown whether or not ForGG will return to competitive play after his service comes to an end.

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