In a tweet from the official Bethesda the publisher gave information about the upcoming Doom alpha.

For those who purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order the closed alpha for Doom became available last night at 10:00PM EST for PlayStation 4 and PC.

However, the alpha will go live on Xbox One on December 3 for those who purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order digitally. The FAQ site states that this is not the Beta that was promised with Wolfenstein, but a development oriented dedicated server stress test. The alpha stress test will begin at 10:00PM ET on December 3, with a burst test at 4:00PM ET on Saturday, December 5, and will conclude at midnight on Sunday. This test will be an English only test.

Not everyone who purchased physical or virtual copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order is guaranteed an alpha code, but this player base is the pool from which will be chosen for access. If you are chosen for access, you will see the alpha appear in your Steam library, receive an Xbox message, or in your PS4 game library depending on where you purchased it.

Get more information about the alpha test here.


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