It looks like SK Gaming has accidentally skipped a couple of steps over the last week, especially the step where they let fans know that apparently their entire League of Legends roster has been let go.

While the change wouldn’t come as a terrible surprise, what with the team having performed as poorly as they did during the Summer Split due to conflict between team members, but it would probably have been nice for fans to at least have some sort of heads up.

SK Gaming, instead, simply announced that the organization is opening tryouts for all five positions.

“2016 is getting closer and we are looking for the right players to help us get back to where we belong, the European LCS,” they said in the press statement, “In order for this to happen, however, we need to take the long road through the 5v5 ladder and Challenger series.”

While the announcement made sure to cover player requirements such as speaking enough English to communicate with your teammates and having a SoloQ rank of Master or Challenger, SK Gaming failed to explain what is happening with their current lineup. While one would think that the organization’s team page would provide any hints, it still lists both Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, Adrian “CandyPanda” Pander and Simon “fredy122” Payne as current players, players that have already taken their leaves.

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