There was a lot of trouble with picking a topic for this month’s Games for Budget Gamers. I mean it’s not like next month where I can just do some sort of Holiday buyers guide and call it a day. Last year for November I chose to go the war route and that felt completely unrelated to anything involved in this month. So I spent a lot of time staring blankly at the ceiling racking my brain trying to produce something clever. Well after a lot of consideration I came up with the completely original idea of mentioning some games I’m thankful for playing. They may not have been the most popular or the best games, but I love them any way or at the very least let them come over and pet my dog while I eat food and binge watch Sons of Anarchy.

Time Splitters Future Perfect (Game Cube/ Playstation 2 )

I remember this game clearly as the penultimate of my adventures in to Mature rated games as a young lad. From swear words being used as commas in sentence structure to overly buxom beauties displaying their assets (I’m saying they’re over sexualized I’m just trying to be classy) throw in a little cross dressing for fun and you have a game that would make most parent activists brains melt from anger. The map creator alone would be enough to get this game. It is one of the finest built creation tools I’ve ever seen merged into a game. You can almost create entire new games inside it, from a zombie survival compound to recreating entire levels of other games, you can make almost anything with a little practice. Grab Time Splitters: Future Perfect and try to save the world for only ten dollars at a brick and mortar store.

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Zombie Army Trilogy (Current Gen Consoles/ PC )

I know I’ve been sneaking this game in to articles and conversation as much as possible lately, but I just love it so much! Rebellion really knocked it out of the park with this release of previously PC exclusive content. Containing all three complete story parts from the Sniper Elite series, Zombie Army Trilogy offers a minimal twelve hours of game play and with the ability to set the zombies to max spawn on hard and four player co op this game is sure to keep you and your friends busy for hours upon hours. If your fortunate to play this on PC the developers have added in the Left 4 Dead characters as free DLC. Run through post apocalyptic WWII Germany as Zoey, Francis, Louis, Bill, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle and Nick for as low as forty five bucks on both consoles and PC.

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Bulletstorm (Last Gen Consoles/ PC )

As far as over the top shooters go Bulletstorm is slightly above average. It manages to shake up the monogamy that Call of Duty and Battlefield bring to the table year after year. Allowing players to ‘kill with skill’ as the developers and publisher People Can Fly studios and Epic Games loved to constantly remind us. Which for myself meant using the whip to vault people into the air and while they were falling shoot them with the gun that shot a hundred bullets at once when overcharged and watch their companions get bathed in the blood of their fallen companion. Don’t feel bad when I got bored with that I would just feed them all to murderous man eating plants. Release your inner crazy person and kill with skill for only ten dollars.


This is what you get for studying Botany.

Dead Island (Last Gen Consoles/ PC )

Though the series last entry Escape Dead Island was an abysmal disappointment, the original game was a pretty solid co op game. At the time the open world, zombie filled, desolate island resort setting was an absolute blast to trample around through. Throw in the ability to literally break every bone in a zombies body with absolutely innovative weaponry and the world becomes a conglomeration of murderous glee. Take a simple kitchen cleaver, throw in some rusty screws and a fire mod and you have yourself a fine killing machine. Alas this brings me to my only problem with the game, they all degrade so fast. I constantly found myself at tables trying to fix the weapons I had just created not even ten minutes ago. Happily though that is one of the few problems in this game, so I recommend dropping the seven dollars on this great game.


Sooo… is the pool closed?

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (Current Gen Consoles / PC)

While my time with this game was extremely limited, it’s genuinely odd nature and lack of explanation reverberates in my mind constantly. The story seemed to make very little sense, but I couldn’t help but remain completely fascinated by it. One moment I was exploring my apartment looking for clues as to what I was supposed to be doing, the next some sensually dressed blonde dame whom I guess thought she was a cat ( I swear I haven’t lost my marbles) jumped out of no where and I was in a QTE (quick time event for all you none savvy folk) that would make Resident Evil 6 proud.

I recommend snagging this game if you loved the studios previous game, Deadly Premonition. Dark Dreams Don’t Die keeps and expands on the odd and dark tones it’s predecessor set the ground work for while managing to keep it’s own identity by adding in dialogue choices ala the TellTale Games style. You can grab D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die for fifteen bucks on current generation consoles if you weren’t lucky enough to snag it a few months ago on Games with Gold or for twenty bucks on PC.

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Don’t worry I had to drink to understand this game too.


Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Last Gen Consoles)

As far as movie tie in games go, you can do a lot worse than Wanted: Weapons of Fate. While it was meant to tie events from the first film and set them up with the events leading into the second movie, that hasn’t happened. Following the same character from the movie, he is set on learning the truth about his parents throughout the whole game. Taking down various bad guys from his fathers past to find out just who the man was. The best part, curving some mother fudging bullets! The game integrates the movie gimmick flawlessly into the game play, even allowing machine pistols to curve bullets and have them explode into multiple enemies. If that alone hasn’t sold you on the game, the achievement list is mind numbingly easy allowing you to get ninety percent of them within two play throughs of the campaign. It will take you about five hours to run through and will only run you about seven dollars depending on where you shop.


You have pleased Morgan Freeman.

Well there you have it a bunch of games to play while your turkey coma sets in this Thanksgiving. Just do me a favor don’t go out this Black Friday, seriously there are way too many injuries over remedial and infantile material items. Spend the day with family and the great games your ole pals at Gamer Assault Weekly recommended for you.

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