With Electronic Art’s announcement last month of the Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront, they have kept most details under wrap. However, EA’s Peter Moore, has given us a brief explanation that the four expansion packs will add “new universes” and “more” to the upcoming shooter.

“What we’ve announced is four extra packs over the next 12-18 months coming post launch. You’ll see new universes, you’re gonna see new player actions, obviously new weaponry as well.”

Need some motivation to snag this Season Pass? How does having access to the content up to two week early sound? That’s right! You will be part of their “Shoot First” program. Official details will be released in the “coming weeks”, EA stated.

In hopes that EA and DICE keep in line with their Battlefield titles, DLC packs are likely to run for around $15 each. During the phone call with Moore, he stated that with preorders being “excellent”, the DLC launches will be timed strategically to keep players as involved as possible.


With Star Wars Battlefront launching on November 17 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One; make sure you get your copy reserved!


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