Since the launch of Ghost Games’ Need For Speed on November 3rd, the developer has received a load of feedback on the classic reboot. This first update is based on “feedback received since launch.

This upcoming update, due before the end of November, will include tweaks to the game’s rubber banding system. They will also include a much needed rebalance to the AI. We have a full list of the expected updates below:


  • More balanced ‘AI Catch Up’
  • New Wrap Editor features:
  • Mirror functionality
  • Improved colour picker
  • Hoonicorn and Morohoshi-San Diablo
  • Gifted upon completion of their respective narrative threads
  • First look at neons
  • Early in development version on Morohoshi-San’s Diablo
  • REP increase 50-60
  • 3 NEW Trophies & Achievements
  • New daily challenges
  • 30 new pre-set wraps
  • General bugs, tweaks and improvements

We’d love to have your feedback on the game! Comment below!


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